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Your Health Throughout Menopause
Health Issues During Menopause
Menopausal Symptoms
Other Postmenopausal Health Issues
Screenings, Tests, and Health Maintenance

The Importance of Talking to Your Doctor
Working With a Health Care Professional
Symptom Assessor
Menopause Health Checklist


Health Issues During Menopause

During menopause, women should be aware of new health concerns. Some of these have to do with common menopausal symptoms that arise because your body is producing less estrogen. These can be signals that your body is changing. Your doctor or other health care professional can help you decide the safest and most effective way to help keep you healthy during this transition.

More serious health conditions for women can come on silently, without any noticeable symptoms at all. A woman may have no idea, for instance, that she's developed high blood pressure or elevated cholesterol, until a heart attack occurs. Likewise, osteoporosis may not reveal itself, until a fracture occurs from a simple fall.

That's why menopause is an important time of life to visit your health care professional. He or she is your most reliable source for information about staying healthy. He or she can advise you about appropriate tests and health checks that are important for you, based on your unique needs and health risks. He or she is also the best person to turn to if you need guidance on treating any bothersome menopausal symptoms that you may be experiencing.

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