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Your Health Throughout Menopause
Health Issues During Menopause

The Importance of Talking to Your Doctor
Working With a Health Care Professional
Symptom Assessor
Menopause Health Checklist


The Importance of Talking to Your Doctor

Advice about menopause seems to be everywhere these days…on talk shows, in bookstores, on newsstands, even in vitamin shops. The best advice, however, comes from the person who is most familiar with your health care history. There is no one-size-fits-all prescription for every woman facing menopause. No two women have precisely the same health needs to consider. That's why it's important to team up with a reliable health care professional who can understand what you may be experiencing. Together, you can make decisions about what's most appropriate for you to ensure that you stay as healthy as possible during menopause and beyond.

Be open, honest, and frank when you speak with your health care professional. The only way you can get the guidance that is most appropriate for you is by sharing all the details of your experience — no matter how trivial or embarrassing they may seem. Sometimes, the thing that seems the least important to you is the one thing your health care professional is most interested in. Learn more about working with a health care professional.

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